January 23, 2012

Check-up time and a new oncologist...

It is time to travel back to Texas to meet with my Ayurvedic practitioner, Sharon Kapp at www.houston-yoga-ayurveda.com.  It has been 90 days since relocating from Texas, back to Oregon; travel arrangements are nearly finalized for a quick trip to Houston.  I am filled with excitement to visit with Sharon, learn how I am progressing, and consider treatment adjustments.  While in Texas, I hope to connect with sons, I miss them terribly! 

At the urging of my PA (physician assistant) Jodee Rundall, I agreed to meet with a new oncologist, though I continued to question why in the world I agreed to walk into yet another doctor’s office.  Nevertheless, I thought I would have a couple months to get used to the idea until I received a call from Dr. Kenyon’s (oncologist) office to schedule my appointment less than a week later!  I was so resistant to seeing an oncologist, especially one that resides in the same office as Dr. McGregor, the oncologist that spoke to me in an incredible distasteful and mocking tone during a telephone call in December.  Nonetheless, I reminded myself that nothing happens by accident and there is a reason I am meeting with this doctor, I simply did not have clarity as to why.  Armed with a positive attitude, I met my new oncologist.  The appointment was outstanding!  The doctor and his nurse practitioner were very respectful of my choices, agreed to monitor my blood work, schedule ultrasound mammograms, along with providing guidance as needed.  Additionally, Dr. Kenyon has added an additional tumor marker test that will assist in monitoring the success of my treatment.  I plan to repeat my blood work next week and am hopeful my tumor markers will remain within normal range.

On Thursday I began another six-day liver/gallbladder cleanse.  Staying close to the bathroom was necessary in the beginning however, things seem to have stabilized.  I am bracing myself for day six, and then the real movement fun begins!  In the not too distant future, I plan to outline in detail my treatment strategies, how they work, and why I have chosen each treatment.

The peaks and valleys of this journey remain plentiful.  At moments it is challenging to stay in the positive zone; not allowing my mind to wonder into the “what if” zone.  Living in the present and not overthinking or worrying about the future brings me peace.  Admittedly, the reality of my health status, at times, causes me to stumble; it is unsettling.  For now, I seek to live while I am alive.  
Live big.  
Love freely.  
Laugh often.

Today, I am hopeful~