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March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

Save a Vein – Use Your Ass. 

Well this was the theme of today, that along with my wonky eyelashes, that began popping off early in the day landing in the rubbish bin.  I slept okay last night, a bit restless. I awoke ready to take on the day, took a shower, popped on the fake eyelashes that are more like plastic than hair, and bounced out the door.  I entered the treatment center with confidence, that Nadine would find one of those plump veins I have been channeling. One stick – nothing. So we moved to the back of my hand and found success. The first treatment is Ozone Therapy; your blood is drawn out, ozone added, and then blood reinserted back into your body. My blood crept slowly out, we quickly knew this treatment was not going to be possible. We decided to abandon that treatment and I began receiving my first infusion of the day. Nadine then looked at me and says, “you know there is another way”. I thought-  why the sly smile and another way for what? Apparently, Ozone Therapy can be delivered rectally!  I smiled at her and explained I don’t have a problem going up the backside:  Save a Vein – Use Your Ass! Nadine laughed. It was so much easier to have this treatment in the backside and an added bonus; I was able to poop soon afterward. LOL

All the treatments went well and I had a successful day of treatment. I am looking forward to an IV free weekend and only four treatment days next week. Having said that, week three is said to be the most difficult yet I am hopeful I will walk through it with grace and strength. I received a bit of bloodwork back today. The good news is that although the tumor makers continue to increase, they have slowed the rate of increase after only one week of treatment. My blood will again be drawn on Monday, marking two weeks of treatment, I am hopeful for some radical shifts downward in cancer cell activity.

Well, as you can see from my photograph, the eyelashes were placed on as wonky as all get-up, but that was okay. I left them on for as long as possible and just went with it. Perhaps I will find some real lashes this weekend. And if you are wonder, heck yes I am going to attempt to throw another set of plastic lashes on tomorrow morning.  Having a good sense of humor is always helpful and healthy. 

When I arrived back to the flat, Curtis had purchased me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was just perfect. I have the best husband.

Today, I am hopeful~