September 7, 2014

Not everything will be bigger in Texas...

Things are quickly moving, reminds me of July 2011; unfortunately this cancer “thing” is gaining momentum. This year began with finding a new breast mass in January, removal in March, new breast masses discovered in August, removal in August, and finally learning the tumor removal was not successful according to pathology. It is a bunch of doom and gloom type of findings; not obtaining clear margins and cells indicative of further spreading of cancer to parts unknown.

I want to quickly spotlight a local Corvallis reconstructive breast surgeon that refused me surgical services because “he read your blog”. Yes, I did in fact write about Dr. Kevin Day and the consultation I had with him in a previous blog posting, however, I did not “name” him – perhaps he was deeply impacted that his name was not attached. The posting, if I do say so myself, was quite brilliant! So, here is a shout-out to you, Doctor Kevin Day – I hope you enjoy my blog. Please know that your bitchassness has not been lost on me or others. (spotlight turned off).

I returned from a trip to Houston to consult with my team of doctors; it was a fantastic visit. I have decided to move forward with surgical intervention and have both breasts removed (bilateral mastectomy). This was not too difficult of a choice, although not the preferred one. To me, this is not much different from when my hair fell out following chemotherapy. It did not bother me that much, I actually fancied myself bald – I mean, I looked really good!  For me it is not about losing my breasts, it is about the surgery interrupting my life. I have been processing, reframing, and rearranging my priorities. My health will come first, even though. I did not attempt to schedule my surgery around school or internship – I simply scheduled the first available appointment time. I trust everything else will fall into place; it may look a bit different than I envision, and this is okay.

I will return to Texas for surgery, stay in the hospital for a couple days, and will remain in Texas for about 2-weeks until I am able to travel back to Oregon to complete my recovery. It is a big surgery. There is risk to do the surgery. There is risk in not doing the surgery. My hope is that if the vulnerable breast tissue is removed, then my body will be successful in systemically balancing itself and I can declare – DIS-EASE FREE BODY!

I have many fantastical stories from my visit – I may share later when I have more energy. Let me give a little teaser- While visiting Dr. P, the reconstructive surgeon I explained that I did not mind if my breasts were reduced down to little tiny A cups (with implants filling the pocket where breast tissue once sat). He expressed “well, I want to make sure you get dates” encouraging me he could use expanders and make my breasts larger than an A cup. I laughed and replied, “I am married, and what is really important is that I have a vagina- and I am good in that department!”

I have a short time to make arrangements for my upcoming surgery followed by several recovery weeks. The love and support that blankets my family is beautiful, thank you. If you are able to financially contribute to travel and treatment expenses, please click on the link below or via mail:

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Thank you for believing in me and supporting my health and healing efforts.

Today, I am hopeful~