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August 18, 2016

Health Update: August 18, 2016

The past several days was fraught with many unexpected twists and turns with my health. Saturday I was placed on hospice and was planning for my passing to occur within a matter of day.  However, hospice has been able to provide an unprecedented level of pin control in concert with wound care that has given my little body a boost of energy - it has been incredible. With medications blocking pain, the family and I were able to take a quick day trip to the beach: my feet in the sand, the smell of the fresh ocean air, and witnessing the glory of the majestic ocean, something I thought I would never have the opportunity to do again before I passed away. 

While pain is better controlled, it is important to remember the disease process has not changed; the cancer is running wild, the mass growing, opening, and weeping. My body is very sick.

It is quite an extraordinary gift that I feel better for a moment, I am now able to spend a bit of extra time with my husband and children, put the finishing touches on my celebration of life, and plan some special surprises to leave behind. This may sound silly but I'm really excited for a couple things I have planned at my service. I hope there will be an outpouring of support for my family and that each individual attending will experience my love and spirit at our unique connecting points- this is my parting gift to all.

Multiple social media and text notifications are in place as to not overlook anyone. However, I'm encouraging everyone to sign-up for email alerts on my blog as to not miss updates. Love, peace, and hope to all. I'm filled with gratitude that I am surrounded by so many incredible individuals that are loving and caring for my family and I. I too remain open for a healing miracle- anything is possible. We appreciate you giving our family privacy as we are not taking visitors, for the most part, however letters, texts, and messages are all welcome. I am not able to respond to all but do read each message.

Today, I am hopeful~