December 9, 2015

47 Days left to raise $30,000

47 days left to raise $30,000

I am doing everything possible to remain healthy, despite the terminal diagnosis the doctors gave me earlier this year. Yes, I am “that lady” roll’n around local markets adorned with the most adorable pink printed facemask.

Recently a friend shared she did not understand why I was seeking treatment outside the United States. My response was, “you either get it or you don’t”. She then admitted that she did not really understand. The exchange between my friend and I got me thinking that perhaps there are more individuals who do not really understand. The first thing is to know that I have been given a terminal diagnosis – the doctors say I will die from this disease. The second is that there are no curative treatments available – western medicine has absolutely nothing else to offer that will “cure” this disease; again, I am terminal. Why Germany? Well, I have been researching treatment centers over the past four years and did not come across any that appeared promising in treating this aggressive hormone negative breast cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It wasn’t until many months ago that I landed on Infusio, a clinic in Frankfurt, Germany. They offer many treatments that I have only been able to read about, many of which are in trials in the US currently.

I want to get healthy and continue living, the treatment in Germany offers me hope and options. I am not willing to just sit here in Oregon waiting to die – my intention is to have access to promising treatments that may allow me to continue to live a healthy life. Look, there is no guarantee of life and living with any treatment. This last two-month stint of chemo every week nearly took my life – not the cancer, but the toxic chemotherapy. If we take a step back and assess things, choosing chemotherapy seems much more “crazy” then choosing IV vitamin infusions, Oxygen therapies, Hypothermia treatments, Herbal remedies, Teas, and so on. This is my life and I am simply not ready to give up and accept a terminal diagnosis.

Does it seem daunting to raise $30,000 in 7-weeks – hell yes! Then I break it down and think, well, if I have 300 people donate $100, I have raised $30,000, I have over 500 Facebook friends. Or if 60 people donate $500; re-framing presents the possibility that raising a ginormous amount of money quickly, no longer feels impossible. 

Please do not give up on my life or me, offer a donation toward getting the treatment in Germany that may save my life. Thank you to everyone that has donated and supported me over the past 4 years.

Donate by Mail: 
Christina Garrett
PO Box 192
Philomath, Oregon 97370

Today, I am hopeful~