December 7, 2015

TEAM CHRISTINA - last hope for breast cancer treatment in Germany

The trip to California was a huge success! Mandi and I enjoyed our whirlwind trip, it was filled with a great deal of laughter and brainstorming. There were mechanical issues so we had to deboard the plane and wait for a new plane to arrive. We finally made it back to Portland around 3:00am. We were exhausted by the end of the trip but were both able to take a little nap on the plane ride home.

It's a go! I can go to Germany for cancer treatment, so I need your help. Below are the details about the treatment costs and ways to help. I know that it is possible to raise this money in a short time period, with the help of all of you that love me and/or have been touched by my story. PLEASE help spread the word, I can not do this without the help of my friends, family, and the community at large.

Team Christina- last hope for breast cancer treatment in Germany

“You are terminal.” Hearing these words was not a surprise, to Christina, as she has known since being diagnosed in 2011 that her prognosis was not favorable – the five-year survival rate was rare. Despite this, Christina continued to live life big including earning her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2015, with a 4.0 GPA! She has endured many surgeries and harsh chemical treatments over the years. Complimentary treatment modalities including acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic practices, and chiropractic interventions have been foundational in nourishing her body and maintaining the best health possible.

After years of research, Christina has identified a clinic located in Frankfurt, Germany called Infusio. Recently Infusio opened a stateside clinic in California however; the cancer treatment is only available at the Germany clinic due to FDA regulations. This weekend, she had the opportunity to travel to the stateside clinic for a consultation and diagnostic workup by Doctor Whitney; who states Christina is an excellent candidate for the cancer treatment protocol. Following the consultation, Christina had the opportunity to speak directly with Dr. Battiade, that heads the German clinic, to outline the most promising personalized treatment regimen.This truly is Christina’s last opportunity to find health, allowing her body to come back into balance. Infusio offers many IV infusions and cutting edge healing approaches, many of which are in clinical trials in the US.

Treatment will take place in Frankfurt, Germany lasting 4-weeks and includes lodging. The cost of the treatment is $28,100 plus travel and food. Christina's intention is to travel to Germany February 16, 2016 to begin treatment.
Christina is asking for your help so that she can continue to beat the odds and live on for many years to come. Please consider donating toward her treatment costs. She has faith that through the generosity of others, she will successfully raise the money needed for treatment. Christina has 7-weeks to raise the money. Please help her beat the odds by donating – it is possible to make this a reality for her!

300 people donating $100 = $30,000
60 people donating $500 = $30,000
30 people donating $1000 = $30,000

Christina is a loving wife, mother of 16 children; biological, adoptive, and foster, a daughter, sister, friend, advocate, and therapist– She is determined to continue to beat the odds and find healing. Christina is one of the most positive individuals many of us know, many refer to her as the "Queen of Reframe" finding that bright spot in a sea of darkness. She needs your help to make this treatment option a reality. Spread the word to all your friends, co-workers, family members, religious affiliations, and social groups. Upon receiving your donation, Christina will mail you a handwritten note of gratitude to celebrate your support, please include a mailing address with your donation.

Donate by Mail: 
Christina Garrett
PO Box 192
Philomath, Oregon 97370

So here we go, 7-weeks to raise $30,000! Let's make this possible for Christina, this is the last hope for her body to fully heal. Many people have a bucket list, Christina does not, her biggest wish is to find healing so that she will continue to live and be a part of all of our lives. She ends all of her blog postings with "Today, I am hopeful" - She has taught us all that hope is a commodity. 

Today, I am hopeful~

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