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September 27, 2011

Battle vs. Balance

For the first time in a very long time, I awoke from restful slumber energized; seven hours of uninterrupted and unassisted sleep.  I glance at the date noting it is three months, to the date, that I first discovered the former mass in my breast.  Following my last treatment, an ominous feeling set-in and failed to subside from my mind; that is until late last week.  Intuition, listening to one’s inner voice, is paramount for healing and those seeking balance.  Today is a new day; the battle is over and my quest to balance my mind, body, soul, is in the forefront of my journey.  Today, I am hopeful.   

Today was to be the third of eight chemotherapy treatments; the key words being – was.  I have chosen to forgo chemotherapy and traditional western medicine as if fails to address the cause of this dis-ease [cancer].  Time to say good-bye to the battle as I welcome the new task at hand, a quest for balance.  Causation points to a disruption, at a cellular level, and this is where my attention has turned.  As a society, in large part, we embrace the notion that when diagnosed with cancer, we must undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  Why is this?  Have I become the classic “rogue client” as I turn away from this conditioning?  Not at all.  Science supports my conclusion and choice.  I am choosing to allow my body to heal itself, naturally.  My mind is strong; my mind is telling my body to heal itself and to come back into balance.  To do this, it is imperative to build my immune system, allowing balance.  Nutrition is foundational, a raw vegan diet.  As a now former pesco-vegetarian, this shift is not too alarming to my senses.  The absence of my beloved sugar, this may prove to be another story.  Cancer and I agree, we love sugar!  My strategy is to forgo my partnership with cancer in its entirety.  Good-bye sugar.  Detoxification is the next building block followed by vitamin, mineral, and natural supplements, and finally inner peace.  I will rest my body, mind, and soul; my intention is to allow my body to heal itself.

I have submitted my medical history to three alternative medicine clinics located in California and Nevada.  Ideally, I find acceptance into one of these phenomenal programs. They are outpatient clinics, the length of stay between two – four weeks costing on average, $5000 per week, not including travel and lodging.  Post outpatient, I would continue to incurring expenses as I maintain supplements and other alternative modalities.  There is not a quick fix.  Once I find balance, I diligently must continue to maintain balance – this is the challenge spanning my lifetime.  For now, I embrace my new nutritional requirements and begin with alternative modalities today.

There is much excitement in the air!  Within 30-days, I plan to have my family return to Oregon.  Literally and figuratively, I will be able to take a deep breath of fresh air.  Today, I am hopeful.