September 17, 2014

Let’s do this…

Anxiety is high as I head to Texas for surgery - double mastectomy, Friday morning at 7:00am Texas time, I will be in surgery for approximately seven hours – please keep my family in your thoughts. I remain hopeful. My husband reminded me of all the wonderful things I have accomplished during this lifetime – this is the legacy I always hoped to leave behind. Knowing that I have lived a fulfilled life, is freeing. It has been filled with triumphs and pitfalls yet here I stand – a fulfilled individual. Thank you to everyone that has touched my life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family that understand and love me just as I am; the jagged and polished parts. Please send peaceful healing thoughts and prayers to my family and myself. I am hopeful this radical surgery will give me chance to continue living a quality life during this lifetime and making a difference.

Please spread the word that my family is raising money to pay for treatment and travel costs. Many thanks in advance for your generosity and for supporting my health and healing; every dollar counts! 
                                        Click Here --------------> Dismiss Defeat Fundraiser

This is my little doggie Junior that is incredibly therapeutic. Love my little guy~ he makes me smile!

Today, I am hopeful.