November 14, 2015

I'm so fancy~

The past few days have been challenging – my body aches and my fatigue is marked. I have been allowing myself to rest when needed and giving myself a gentle nudge to leave the house when needed. My week started with a bang! Monday’s I have my acupuncture appointment; I travel to Albany for my body treatment, which is healing and relaxing. I was getting settled into the acupuncture room when Mandi Schwendiman (acupuncturist) and Sabrina (administrative assistant) gleefully entered the room holding a bright yellow box.

Mandi has seen me during my highs and lows – she has been treating me over the past four years. This year, I have been seeing her weekly, she has been my confidant, has laughed with me, carried my secrets, comforted me when the tears flowed, and listened as I shared my soul. My insurance benefits for acupuncture only allow for approximately 5-6 acupuncture sessions annually; Mandi has been seeing me weekly even though my insurance benefits ran out a long time ago. She is a special soul and I am grateful to have her in my life. Returning to the yellow box. A smile graced my face, with anticipation as I opened the box. Before me was a pair of the most flashy, sparkly, size 5, 5 ½ inch heeled shoes! So why the shoes? There were many weeks when I headed to acupuncture appointments, barely able to walk due to the side effects from chemotherapy; I would hold the stair handrail tight as I walked up the steps to the clinic. Sometimes the fatigue was so great, after entering the room, I would crawl upon the table to lay down. It was during these times that I spoke with Mandi of going to the market and the need to begin riding the electric scooters. There I was roll’n up and down the isles with my mask on, baldhead beaming, and people staring! Mandi decided then that I needed to have increased fun at the market and be more “flashy” as to own my new mode of transportation – her idea, a pair of extremely high heeled shoes! I laughed when she presented the idea, but she was serious. I reminded her of my tiny feet, that of a third grader, size 5 on a good day, not to mention they are tiny, fat, and thick size 5 feet. This did not detour Mandi from her mission, she pressed forward with finding my glamourous shoes. Her idea was to walk into the market in flip-flops, secure my electric ride, reach into my bag to get my flashy high heels, put them on, and proceed with my shopping. Fantastic, I know. I pealed the tissue paper back and pulled the sparkle shoes out and put them on; the shoes actually fit. Then, with the assistance of Mandi and Sabrina, they helped raise me to my feet. I must have looked like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time. Mandi reminded me the shoes are NOT for walking. LOL

The good news is that I am no longer requiring the use of electronic transportation at this moment.

Tuesday was an eventful day. I was up and ready to go at 9:00am, I was heading to Newberg to see my friend Leslie. A couple years ago, Leslie taught me how to make jewelry and on this day, we were ready to make some earrings and necklaces. I was so excited, I love making earrings and of course, I love to laugh. I stayed until her kiddos Nicky and Ab’s got home from school; I love those kiddos and always have a great time with them. Having good friends that support me, share laughter and tears, and love you even though, even when … those are the people I roll with. I am beyond fortunate to have lovely devoted friends.

This week I received a special package from a class of 6th grade students. Inside were beautiful cards, notes, and drawings. The students offered words of encouragement and support. Several of the students planned with their classmates to all wear pink October 23, 2015; this was the day the class wrote the letters. It was uplifting to read the notes – I responded to each of the students and just sent off a return package that included a little treat for each student. To have a group of students, that don’t know who I am, willing to share their hearts – this is some pretty cool stuff.
On my rough days, I can always dig deep and find inspiration; all I have to do is look through my treasure chest of letters. The box overflows with letters from friends, family, and those I have never met. I am humbled by all the love and support.

Somehow, everything seems to always work out.

I continue to trust I am where I am supposed to be.

I am determined to not crumble under this terminal diagnosis.

I am determined to bring healing and balance to my body.

I have more work here to do, so I am not ready to go.

I continue to speak into the universe asking for a healing miracle.

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Today, I am hopeful~