December 18, 2015

38 days remain Team Christina

Team Christina Personal Video 12/18/2015

Today I received a $5000 donation. This is a very touching donation made by an individual that heard about my health situation and desire to travel to Frankfurt, Germany for treatment to try and save my life. This individual prayed to God asking for a sign, if it is Gods will for a donation to be made toward my treatment. Without hesitation, God provided a very clear sign that this was His will through a series of interesting events. Without sharing all the details, later that evening I was standing in this person’s home returning a lost cell phone. This individual was stern noting this donation is from God. Thank you God for blessing our family with this generous donation and for this individual being the vessel. This my friends is our creators hand in motion!

My grandma that is my guardian angel and with me always~
Most know that I am not religious but rather spiritual. I do believe the creator; the universe provides blessings, comfort, and support. I have been on the receiving end of many blessings throughout my lifetime this is clear proof that there are angels walking amongst us. There are guardian angels by my side, and my creator loves and cares for me. I too know that the creator, universe, understands the most tender parts of my soul and my ideology – it is understood without judgment. Do I proclaim Christianity – no, I do not. I do not prescribe to religious labeling. Instead, I choose to live a life that represents my belief system of offering myself as a caretaker for the underserved, friend to many, advocating for the marginalized forgotten ones on this earth, and being positive and hopeful. I try to live each day authentically transparent; I am perfectly imperfect. Actions speak louder than words. Anyone can profess to be anything – but action shows a person’s true character.

On the topic of religion, a couple weeks ago, I reached out to a childhood friend asking for a donation toward my treatment fund; the response was unfortunate. This individual began quoting Bible verses, stating that if I did not profess Jesus as my Savior that I was going to go to hell – that when I die, it would be wise of me to fall upon my face and ask Jesus for forgiveness in the hopes I would not be sent to hell. I respect differing belief systems but disagreed with this individual’s view of his God being so harsh and punishing. Instead of a donation, this person stated they were offering a greater gift, that of eternal life. I expressed that walking a “Christ” like life is more meaningful than professing to be Christian. For example, I can say I am a farmer, but that does not make me a farmer. If I am working on a farm and living that life – then I am a farmer. Live your professed truth – authentically. Although I know this individual is well intended and deeply rooting in a particular belief system, I believe it is increasingly meaningful to walk in alignment with your spoken truth setting aside judgement. Actions matching words. Oh and by the way, I let this individual know that “I am in good standing” with my creator – my heart is known fully.

Coming back around to the generous donation - I thank God for speaking into the life of the individual that recently learned of my health struggles and that God was able to use this individual as His vessel to deliver a message of love and hope. I too was deeply touched by the words offered by this individual – it was offered that I pray to Mary, as she was a human that walked this earth and is a mother that I may connect with her because she understands the heart of a mother. This brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I believe that blessings will continue to fall upon me that will make treatment possible and healing will come to my body. Thank you to everyone that continues to support and love me – event though, even when. For this, I am eternally sitting in gratitude.

Where I find the most peace, along the Oregon Coast~
Please continue to donate to my treatment fund, I trust everything will come together in perfect timing. There remains an outstanding need; funds to travel to Frankfurt, Germany – due to my declining health, it would be best to travel with accommodations enabling me to lay down during the flight and sleep – this too will help temper my anxiety with flying. Additionally, the clinic recommends you have a travel companion. Curtis and I were going to get creative with travel by having my brother spend a week with me and then maybe a friend traveling over for a week, and finally Curtis joining me in the later part of treatment and to accompany me home.

I see my oncologist next week and will be discussing my current health situation and learning if he thinks I will be able to travel 60 days from now. I have outlived this disease and beat the odds thus far – but I know that with this terminal diagnosis, when things go left, it will move quickly. Next week, I too will find out if my oncologist is in a position to make the 6 months left to live call in writing. This will enable me to begin the process of death with dignity – if it comes to that. Please keep praying for my body to return to health and that I will have access to the treatments that will support my body to heal.

I have been writing every day, but I am going to put things on pause for a few days so that I can get emotionally and physically grounded. Thank you for your continued support, endless positive healing thoughts, and prayers. 


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Today, I am hopeful~