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December 11, 2015

Team Christina 45 days left

There are 45 days left to meet my goal of raising $30,000 to get breast cancer treatment in Germany. Today I planned to go get bloodwork, meet a friend for lunch, and start the process of getting my travel passport - minor detail. I was hoping to put off the passport photo until my hair grew back a bit more, but there is no more time to waste so nearly bald it shall be. At least I will have a few more days to wait as my body is telling me to lay down and rest. In the past couple weeks, the body aches have increased and so has the intake of pain medication. 

Personal Video of the day:

Please know that I am counting on you to help me raise the money to have access to this treatment, I have been accepted into the clinic and am anxious to go. Please donate and share freely. Sending love and gratitude into the universe. 

This is a selfie of me laying on a concrete structure at LAX after my flight was delayed this weekend. I was exhausted beyond belief yet remained in good spirits after completing my consultation with the state-side sister site of the clinic I have been accepted into for cancer treatment in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Easiest way to Donate Online:

Preferred way to Donate by Mail: 
Christina Garrett
PO Box 192
Philomath, Oregon 97370

Today, I am hopeful~