February 18, 2016

Portland to Vegas

Morning came entirely too early; when the alarm went off at 3:25 am I was thinking how in the heck am I going to be able to "do this" whole travel thing. Typically, I do not get out of bend until around 9:00-9:30 am. Nevertheless, I grumbled a bit and got out of bed and into the shower. All the bags were packed and now loaded in the car - it was time to leave. I gave Jackson a squeeze and told him I loved him and we were off to the airport. Upon arrival, things went remarkably smooth. You see typically going through security is quite the event due to my opt out status; I choose not to be exposed to radiation from the body scanner machine so instead I get the pat down. Usually, I am forced to stand in a separate location, off to the side, from the other passengers, awaiting a female TSA patdown specialist. It always reminds me of back in elementary school when the nurse did head lice checks - if you were thought to have head lice, you were made to sit on a metal chair, away from but still in site of all your classmates. Thankfully I never had lice but I always felt the student became a spectacle. Well today, my ticket noted that I was TSA Prechecked! Why? How? Not sure the answers to these questions but what it did mean is that my shoes could stay on, computer remain in my bag and best of all - no need for a TSA patdown, straight through the metal detector like the good old days.

Now, I am a morning person by nature and can find my spunk even in the worst of times, Curtis is not a morning person, not at all. So after getting through security we headed to Starbucks so he could get his coffee and for me - hot water to make some tea. After Curtis consumed his caffeinated beverage, he was a bit more prepared to take on his day of travel. Even more so after he had a bit of time to close his eyes and rest on the flight from Portland to Vegas - just enough time to refuel. 

During the flight, I sat next to a nice woman who works for the Doc Martin company. She was traveling to Vegas for a convention and then on to New York. She mentioned recently moving from California to Portland. She was very kind - I never did get her name. During the flight she was helping me locate an airport lounge that we could rest at during our 7hr layover. After deplaning, she walked us through the airport to the club; she even offered to pay for a day pass for us. We then learned that our Condor flight plans made this particular club complimentary for Curtis and I. The woman was definitely my Portland to Vegas Angel - she was so kind. She gave me a loving squeeze and with a twinkle in her eye, she wished me well. After Curtis and I got settled I asked him to try and find her so I could get her name, but she disappeared into the sea of travelers. Here are a few photos taken from the airplane.

It is only 11:30 right now - so about 5 more hours to wait until our flight begins to board for Germany. So for now, I am just chill'n in the lounge and thinking about what I am going to eat for lunch! LOL I am already feeling a bit impatient more so because I am so ready to get settled in Germany and begin treatment.

Please keep sending those prayers and positive healing energy my direction. I have a really good feeling that my health is going to return and I will beat the odds! Terminal, 6-months to live...I think they have the wrong girl.

Today, I am hopeful~