February 27, 2016

Saturday February 27, 2016

The following video was made special for Ms. Jeskey's class at Trost Elemenetary School in Canby, Oregon but I wanted to share with all! Enjoy~

Video Of The Day: https://youtu.be/Ls9lVQQ-as0

Today was amazingly sunny, not a cloud in the sky; it was gorgeous although quite chilly. Curtis and I set out to explore the city a bit more. After walking to Starbucks in the center of town I spotted a small boutique with sunglasses in the front of the shop. As I began to try on glasses, I realized I was placing the "maybe" sunglasses atop umbrellas! Yippee, I accidentally stumbled upon the one item we were looking for over the past several days. It was delightful in this small shop, the cashier spoke English, always a plus, and she was smiling, friendly, and complimentary; we even receive 30% off our purchase. We were told we were only about five minutes from the river that runs through the center of Frankfurt; Curtis and I set our sites on finding the river walk. It was lovely and absent a concrete barrier wall blocking one from falling in, we were right there beside the river. Although very chilly, we were able to optimize the heat from the sun as we basked in its rays. These are several photos we took during our adventures.

We had a great day exploring. We returned to the flat after several hours, my stamina is not what it used to be, but this is okay. We finished our outing with a stop at the local equivalent of  WholeFoods too purchase local cheese, honey, nuts, and vegetables for juicing. Upon returning I tidied up the flat and positioned myself in a chair by the large floor to ceiling opened window so the sun could blaze down on me - there is a slight breeze; it feels grand!

After relaxing for an hour or so, Curtis decided he wanted to go back out walking and look around the mall at an electronics store. Initially I was going to stay back but decided to put my boots back on and join him. Holy busy city center. It was amazingly crowded - I imagine this is how New York may feel, but worse. What is clear is that this little country girl is not into big city living. Along our walk I was able to take a couple videos.

This is of a local street performer, okay, I know it says "no video" but I had started already. This guy had quite the contraption for entertaining. https://youtu.be/s5mtiFB3lJk

This is a video of me in the city center - it was wild and crowded. Did I mention the number of smokers in this city; there are way too many! https://youtu.be/xQUFrXRUD4M

Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow. Today I am hopeful~