February 11, 2016


Video of the day: February 11, 2016 

We totally did it! We raised $38,000 for cancer treatment and travel expenses to go to Germany. Many thought it was impossible, but I always believed it would happen. Many have offered “this is a miracle” and I tend to agree – the outpouring of support, love, and care cannot be measured as is has been full-on since my health declined last summer. Thank you to each one of you that has supported and continues to support my journey. I feel wrapped in love each day when I awake – life is good. 

So here I sit, exactly one week prior to my departure, anxiously waiting for the next step to regain my health. I have a good feeling about this opportunity to regain my health. I too am acutely aware that I was given 6-months to live December 2015. Trust and believe, I plan on offloading this diagnosis and coming back healthier than ever. I encourage everyone to continue to share my story and to continue donating. There will be substantial aftercare costs on the horizon.

I am filled with gratitude that so many have shown up for me during this difficult time – you really do find out who your real friends are when you are facing chronic or terminal illness. I have the most amazing group of friends and loving family members. I could not walk this journey without all of you by my side. Whenever I walk around, I feel as though I have my celebrity entourage with me always. I am blessed. I know that there are many praying and sending healing thoughts for my body to find balance and be healed; I want encourage healing prayers and thoughts to be sent to me daily. You are all in this journey together beside me, and I love you for this.

While in Germany, I plan to share the day’s events as often as possible through videos and writing. Thank you for believing in me and sharing a piece of your heart.

Today I am hopeful~