September 4, 2011

Has it really been three weeks already?

As of late, I frequently mention that Warrior Juice has seemingly slowed the natural passage of time.  Yet, it is nearly “that time” again!  I began the big 60 hour fast last evening around 10:30pm; Warrior Juice #2 is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30am.  In an effort to “get fat,” prior to the upcoming Warrior Juice session, I am pleased to report that I have been successful; I now sit at 128 pounds.  Now, the goal is to not drop below 125 pounds despite the pre-Warrior Juice fasting period. 

You know you are having a fantastical day when:

1.  You have an unassisted – chemical or otherwise induced, bowel movement
2.  Your hair is not falling out in droves leading to a complete shaving of one’s head
3.  Your primary eating utensils do NOT consist of plastic flatware
4.  You can taste the natural essence of each morsel of food placed in one’s mouth
5.  You can form a coherent thought and immediately verbalize said thought
6.  Your head-wrap or wig stays in place absent multiple adjustments
7.  You can continue to be positive and keep a sense of humor in the face of adversity

The big decision has been made; my husband and I will relocate our family back to Oregon following my last Warrior Juice session.  It is important that my family find peace with my diagnosis.  I have undergone a lumpectomy and currently, I am a Warrior Juice recipient; the last session is January 10, 2012.  Within seven – ten days of arriving back in Oregon, I will undergo a double mastectomy and after healing, a series of radiation treatments. 

Living in Texas, since 2007, has been filled with many challenges and achievements.  Curtis and I continued serving as therapeutic foster parents, welcomed nine children into our home since 2007, and formally adopted 16-year-old Carlos earlier this year.  As we look to exit Texas our oldest two sons, Kenneth and Dominic, will remain in Texas to complete their college degrees.  Our younger sons, Carlos (16), Cole (15), and Jackson (12) will travel back to Oregon.  Our experiences in Texas have prepared us to be increasingly dynamic individuals, parents, professionals, advocates, and members of our community. 

Preparations are underway for the big move back home to Oregon.  We have launched a new fundraising/donation website: JourneyThroughBreastCancer  I have been preparing for the big Garage Sale & Fundraiser on Saturday, September 10.  I have never organized a garage sale however; I have to say that my first just may be the most organized in the history of garage sales!  I made special price tags for each item.  Curtis and the boys will move the large sale items outside and sell, sell, sell.  I will be unable to assist with the garage sale as it will only be four days post Warrior Juice #2 and I will be down for the count.  We are hoping for a large turnout and for those who are out of town or unable to stop over, will extend their generosity utilizing the donation website; our goal is to raise $11,000. 

Two fun facts I have learned exclusively because I have cancer
1.  According the pre-surgery height/weight chart, 
2.  According to the Women’s Health Boutique, 

Who knew that a wig fitting could be so fun?  Earlier in the week, I traveled to the Women’s Health Boutique to have my wig fitted to my newly shaved head.  I quickly learned that I have a petite head under my massive mane of hair, requiring some custom adjustments to the new wig.  While the alterations were underway, I proceeded to try on several different wigs in various styles and colors.  Paula H. “made it work” and I walked out with my new hair – I am a Ginger!  I love it.  I should have dyed my hair years ago; talk about green eyes “pop’n” and my freckles…oh so cute.

 I am determined to eradicate cancer FOREVER from my body, despite the not favorable five-year survival statistics.  I remain positive and continue to be amazed by the multitude of beauty when looking beyond the cancer.   

~Today, I am hopeful.