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September 9, 2011

Warrior Juice Number Two…

The final countdown is underway as I look forward to my last Warrior Juice session, two down, six more to go.  I really do not want to do this anymore; it really sucks!  I continue to compare the first round of WJ with the second in an effort to deduce - are the WJ sessions becoming easier or increasingly challenging.  The answer remains allusive.  I chose not to sport the new ginger wig to my WJ session, opting for a colorful scarf.  My fellow Warrior Juice recipient Angela was celebrating her final WJ session.  I too am looking forward to my last treatment on January 10, 2012.  Curtis and my dear friend Vanessa joined in the Warrior Juice festivities.  Vanessa carried with her the most beautiful gift bag, inside was the softest blankie.  As I revealed the blankie, my fellow WJ recipients were jealous!  They passed the blankie around as they gently stroked the blankie.  Love It! 

The nurses connected the bag Cytoxan to my SmartPort and I was off to good start.  Everything was going well until the nurse started to push the “Red Devil” drug into my SmartPort.  Instantly, I did not feel well and they immediately stopped.  I remarked, “I feel like a freak.”  The nurse asked if I had another descriptor; I remarked, “I feel like you’re poisoning me.”  The nurses sprang into action.  They pulled the curtain around my station, took my temperature, and applied the blood pressure cuff.  My blood pressure had spiked, my face was red, and I felt as though I was going to pass-out.  I was able to recover and complete my WJ session.  I was significantly fatigued.  Upon returning home, I continued to experience severe fatigue.  Curtis fed me small pieces of crackers and popsicles as I lay in bed.  Later in the day, I hastened Curtis to the bathroom.  As I sat on toilet (excited to evacuate my bowels – after experiencing major stoppage following WJ session one), I broke-out in a cold sweat and felt as though I was going to pass-out.  Sweat rolled down my head, to my forehead, and onto my face.  Unable to complete the job, I launched onto the bathroom floor.  There I lay with my pajamas around my ankles.  I began weeping and said “hun I need you to clean me up!”  He dutifully agreed.  He then remarked, “It has been a long time since I have done this!”   At that moment, there was nothing funny about what was happening.  However, in hindsight, no pun intended, it must have been quite to visual!  Nevertheless, severe fatigue and mild nausea are the reigning themes of Warrior Juice Two. 

Today is three days post Warrior Juice number two.  Curtis is now sporting a baldhead to match mine, very sweet gesture and it looks great as well.  I still maintain that I really do not want to do this [Warrior Juice] anymore but truthfully, who the hell would CHOOSE to be a recipient of Warrior Juice …right?  I do feel as though my mind is not as compromised this go-around or it could simply be that I am becoming one with my chemo-brain; I am leaning more towards to later!  Things that I am doing well include resting, knowing my limits, expressing my emotions, keeping my sense of humor, and remaining positive.  Looking beyond cancer to see the beauty that surrounds me still brings a smile to my face.  I appreciate friends, family, and others that continue to keep my family in their prayers and send positive thoughts, emails, voice messages, texts, Facebook messages, and blog postings.  Many thanks to those who have extended their generosity, through monetary donations, on my online website:                                             

Garage Sale & Fundraiser

Curtis and the boys are holding our Garage Sale & Fundraiser tomorrow.  If you are local, please stop by and for those who are out-of-town or unable to attend, please consider showing your support by donating to my breast cancer fund [link located above].  I am simply tickled pink about my signage for the sale so I just had to share at photo! 

Life is good.  Today, I am hopeful.