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February 23, 2016

Monday: February 22, 2016

My first day of treatment lasted longer than expected and I returned home to my flat exhausted, cranky, defeated, and emotionally raw. Below is what I posted on FB - I was physically and emotionally unable to blog last night. I am leaving yesterday as it is. 

Minor emotional meltdown tonight. In short, I'm uncomfortable! I have an IV in my arm that is a small vein, causing pain if I move wrong and the infusions had to be slow dripped today due to pain/pressure - baby vein problems. 

Night sweats.
Hot sweats.
Weirdo German bedding.
No fan to circulate air. 

I could go on, but it all comes back to, I'm uncomfortable. So, after a long over due cry and a foot rub from Curtis, we made a plan. We reworked some things in the flat, plan to purchase some American bedding and find a fan. As for the IV, after tomorrow's infusions I will have it removed and find a new vein Wednesday. The IV's can only stay in for 2-3 days then have to relocate anyway. Mitigating my discomfort one baby step at a time.

Oh and the icing on the cake, I learned I get a shot in the behind every day for two weeks then every other day after that. Still teary but good; heading to bed. Send prayers, positive energy, and healing thoughts my direction.

Today, I am hopeful~