February 21, 2016

Sunday February 21, 2016

I was able to FaceTime with Jackson and Junior for a bit last night, that was nice. Our little puppy Junior was very confused by the entire event! We fell asleep around 12:00 last night and did not awake until 10:30 am. Still catching up on missed sleep and adjusting to the time change. I am feeling a great deal of excitement mixed with anxiety for the first day of my treatment to start Monday. I have a good feeling about this treatment and am hopeful that I will continue to have increased energy rather than feeling ill again.

Video of the day: https://youtu.be/WOGphiRSMKw

Sharing several photos taken from our roof top flat and along our walk to the center of town.


This was taken in a doorway to a business located along the cobblestone walkway. The area we are staying in has a dense population - housing is located above all storefronts. Although a bit windy today, the weather was warmer than it has been, around 54 degrees. There were many individuals out and about walking around. I was delighted to hear an English speaking family walking behind us today. The dad made a remark to his wife about someone being inebriated; the young child 5 or 6 years old asked what that meant - the dad replied when you drink too much or use drugs. While it may strike you as a mundane conversation - nothing special, to me it was refreshing to understand the mutterings that were occurring in my surroundings. I know I have spoke of the German people that we have encountered thus far as presenting as repressed and unfriendly. Another observation is that the number of smokers is incredibly high. There are discarded cigarettes all over the ground - it just smells like cigarette smoke nearly everywhere you go. I mean smoke if you may, but discard your cigarettes somewhere other than the beautiful cobblestone walkway.

Many know that I do not fancy being in large groups, tight spaces, or underground. Well, today I took the first step toward taking the underground transportation. Curtis and I jumped on the escalator to the underground train. However, we did not see a train but we did find an underground city. There were restaurants and shops. We only went about one city block underground and that was enough for me. Apparently the train is down another level underground - holy yikes. I have lots of time to continue to try new things and move outside my comfort zone.

Please send unlimited prayers, healing thoughts, and positive energy as I delve into this last chance breast cancer treatment. I hope everyone feels as though they are right here with me in Germany between photographs, videos, and my writings - I need you all and your support in order to continue walking this journey with grace.

Today, I am hopeful~