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February 25, 2016

Thursday: February 25, 2016

I slept very well last night with my new American sheet, extra pillows, clean bedding, and IV free. The large window of the flat slightly cracked with a stationary fan positioned in front circulating the fresh air throughout the flat. Awe, it was divine. I awoke to a blue sky with the sun shining brightly upon the ice kissed rooftops. I knew, today was going to be a day I fancied.

Two patients and myself waited outside our apartment building for our driver Marc, with Infusio - our treatment clinic. He was a bit late due to unforeseen traffic. The ladies and I chatted about the important things such as grey hair, our flats, and my fuzzy face. Annette and Violetta are the two other patients staying in the same building as I. Annette has been a hairdresser for over 30 years, she had given Violetta a haircut last evening - it looked quite lovely. We stood outside a bit chilled but basking in the sun, Annette made mention of my facial fuzz and let me know she would show me how to do threading to remove the unwanted facial fuzz. Enough of the fuzzy face - hopefully.

Treatment started late today at 10:00 am so I was able to sleep in a bit - it felt fantastic. Scheduled today was three infusions, homopathic shot (delivered through the IV), Thymus shot in the behind, and a body work treatment. Upon arriving, I knew there was a new IV to be inserted, in hindsight, I could have taken a Xanax and morphine prior to the IV insertion; I was pretty anxious about getting the IV. Nadine, the IV queen prepared my arm for the needle with a hot water glove to warm to area and it went into my tiny vein, without a problem. However, as I looked down, there was blood going up the tubing; I was alarmed. What I did not realize, this was the Ozone therapy where they remove my blood, infuse it with ozone and then reinsert the infused blood back into my body. My blood was coming out extremely slow and we were not sure if enough would come out to make the treatment successful. Fortunately, there was just enough blood gathered to successfully complete the infusion process. The patient beside me was having the same treatment but his veins provided generous blood nearly immediately! I have vein envy. My small veins are a bit concerning, I need to be able to have an IV inserted twice weekly in order to have the infusions - I do not want to have to go to the hospital to have a central line installed. Please pray that my veins will be plump and receiving of the IVs when needed.

I was able to meet Dr. Battiade in person today, he and I spoke of successful outcomes for other patients with TNBC. One in particular presented with TNBC- the cancer had traveled to her bones too - she is still living five years post treatment with Infusio. This information provided a bit more of a hopeful boost. Today went by very fast, before I knew it, the time was 2:30 pm and I was ready to return to my flat for the day.

Upon returning, Curtis and I went for a little walk, had a bite to eat, and purchased a few flowers for the flat. I just love that we can walk a half block and have access to wonderful local boutiques, organic market, eateries, and flower shops. Now I have mini daffodils and fragrant Hyacinths adorning my living space. Life is good. It is about the little things.


I can't believe I have nearly completed one week of treatment already! I am counting on the remainder of the time to continue to fly by quickly so I can return home. I miss my son Jackson, my puppy Junior, familiar surroundings, and my friends and family. I am looking forward to resting for the remainder of the evening. Keep sending those prayers, healing thoughts, and positive energy my direction. 

Today, I am hopeful~