February 24, 2016

Wednesday: February 24, 2016

Video of the day: https://youtu.be/DjCgPqhzFxI

Last night I slept the best ever since arriving in Germany. I did however, suffer extreme night sweats requiring me to change my clothes, flip pillows over, and turn over the duvet cover. The clinic provided transportation to and from the clinic, so no taxi stories to share this time. The good news is that tonight I am IV free however; the IV saga did not go as planned.  About halfway into my infusions today, I could tell my vein was so over being used as a transportation system for outside fluids. I have been dreaming of having the IV out for a night so the clinic nurse and I compromised and I had a small IV inserted into the back of my left hand, just for the day. Tomorrow we shall search for a new and hopefully plumper vein, in my left arm, to use for Thursday and Friday's infusions. I am starting to feel as though my body needs to start resting more. I often fall asleep for 15-20 minutes at least once during my treatment sessions. The shots in the backside turn out to be no big deal, really - especially compared to IV insertion.

I spoke with the facility MD today regarding my prognosis and there are not a lot of answers other than better than the 6-months you were given in the US. I will take every day of healthy quality life I can get. Each individual that learns I have a terminal 6-month diagnosis, just does not get it "you look so good and vibrant". I remain steadfast that this treatment will allow my body to come back into balance and become healthy again. I too understand that long-term, meaning 6 months out, in my world, is too far to project. I must simply focus on today and live each day as though it were my last. But you know, I believe this is the approach all could choose to live.

I was filled with joy to receive a text from Curtis today, with an accompanying photograph announcing he had found and purchased an American fitted sheet and a twin top sheet for my side of the bed - German's apparently do not use top sheets, so this is a great find. He too purchased a robe for me to wear around our flat. Creature comforts are coming forward and are so needed. With our new sheets and current weirdo bedding in hand, we headed to the basement of the building to do a load of laundry. Laundry in Germany is NOT easy! It is long and wrinkly. The wash cycle lasted nearly two hours as did the drying process - 4 hours to do one load of laundry. The dryers are called "steam dryers" they are said to be eco and bring on the wrinkles friendly!! No joke - crazy wrinkles. I will place two loads in the washer prior to leaving for the clinic tomorrow, I fear I shall return to a wrinkled mess. I chose to sort out a few pieces I typically wash on delicate and hang to dry, I am going to give the local dry cleaner a try at this small load, if for nothing else, to acquire some additional hangers - we only have been provided about 7.

I am pretty pooped and ready to lay down and enjoy my new bedding, relax, and sleep IV port free for the night! Yippee.

Today, I am hopeful~