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December 15, 2015

41 days left

Team Christina

Please DONATE to my fundraiser supporting last chance breast cancer treatment in Frankfurt, Germany by going to

Personal video of the day: 12/15/2015

Today was a full day! I was able go to the post office to apply for my passport! The line was long however, the individuals I was standing with were friendly and not in a rush. So it is official, this nearly baldheaded girl has a passport photo and paperwork filed - in 5-6 weeks, I will have the passport in my hands; one step closer to Frankfurt, Germany. I also went to the PO Box and was met with four lovely cards/letters, three of which had donation checks. So I headed to Selco Community Credit Union to deposit the donations into Team Christina - they too are posted on the YouCaring site. Each day brings me a bit closer to getting treatment and a second chance at life. 

Please keep spreading the word and making donations - I know we can do this together!

I am encouraging people to consider hosting a Team Christina luncheon/wine tasting/tea/or get together of some sort with your group of friends. Set a donation goal with your friends and have a fun time! For example, if you decide you want to raise $1000 for Team Christina - invite over 15 friends ask each person to donate $65. I can email out flyers that talk a little about my family and what we are trying to do. You can read some of my blog entries, laugh and cry while viewing some of my daily videos as you grow increasingly hopeful along with me! Thank you SO much for joining with me to raise the money needed to get the treatment in Germany.

Today, my son Jackson and I went out to Kevin & Mary Skillings property to cut down a fresh beautiful Christmas tree. Jackson finally was able to cut the tree down; no older brothers around to argue with over who gets to cut the tree down. Last year we did not have a holiday tree, so it is nice to have one adorning our home during the season. A huge thank you to the Skillings family for the tree and the Bylund family for the tree stand.  On the drive out to the property, there was a mama deer with her baby crossing the street and jumping the fence to the safety of a field. I love being out in the country, it is grounding and brings joy to my soul. Well, the tree is up and looks fabulous!
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Christina Garrett
PO Box 192
Philomath, Oregon 97370

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Team Christina

Today, I am hopeful~